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We participate in the following activities
Neutrino Physics AstroPhysics
DayaBay Logo30.jpg Daya Bay, Measure \scriptstyle\theta_{13},\ \Delta m_{23}^2 Logo tus 1.0.gif TUS Experiment, Explore highest energy of cosmic rays
Opera Logo30.jpg OPERA Experiment, Observe \nu_\tau appearance Nucleon Logo60.jpg NUCLEON Experiment, Investigate knee region in cosmic rays spectrum
Genom camel.gif NOMAD Experiment, Many analyses already done! EUSO Logo30.jpg (JEM)EUSO Experiment, Explore highest energy of cosmic rays
Borex logo.gif BOXERINO Experiment, Measure {}^7Be solar neutrinos MacFLY Logo30.jpg MacFLY Experiment, Measure fluorescence yield
Ds logo1.jpg DarkSide Experiment, Two-phase Argon TPC for Dark Matter Searches Taiga detector.jpg TAIGA Experiment, Search for ultra-high energy gamma-ray sources.
Harp Logo20.jpg HARP Experiment, Hadronic cross-sections, R&D for \nu physics
Neutrino mass hierarchy and CP Software
NOvA Logo.jpg NOvA Experiment, Neutrino mass hierarchy and CP
JUNO Logo.jpg JUNO, Neutrino mass hierarchy, measure \scriptstyle\theta_{12},\ \Delta m_{23}^2,\ \Delta m_{12}^2 Gna tentative logo.png GNA, comprehensive physical models statistical analysis
DUNE Logo.jpg DUNE Experiment, Neutrino mass hierarchy and CP
Education and Outreach
Talks and Presentations Baikal Logo2013.jpg Baikal School
Our Theses, Other Useful Theses PontecorvoSchoolLogo.png Pontecorvo School
Mini HowTo Other Schools and Workshops
Interesting reading

Useful information