Test bench for measurements of the NOvA scintillator properties

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NOvA scientific goals require good knowledge about its scintillator basic properties.

The new test bench was constructed and upgraded at JINR. The main goal of this bench is to measure scintillator properties (for solid and liquid scintillators), namely alpha/beta discrimination and Birk's coefficients for protons and other hadrons (quenching factors). This knowledge will be crucial for recovering the energy of the hadronic part of neutrino interactions with scintillator nuclei.

alpha/beta discrimination was performed on the first version of the bench for LAB-based and NOvA scintillators. It was performed again on the upgraded version of the bench with higher statistic and precision level. Preliminary result of quenching factors for protons was obtained. A technical description of both versions of the bench, analysis and data taking procedures, current results of the measurements and analysis are presented here.