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This a README file from RootNomad/v_dev/doc

Software Name

RootNomad - Nomad data analysis in ROOT

Purpose of the software

The idea of this software is two-fold:

  • to provide a convertor from NOMAD DST to ROOT C++ classes (and foget about the dst afterwards)
  • to provide access to the NOMAD DST directly from C++ (to be able to get any information on the stage of analysis)


Installation Tips

  • check out the software using svn:
svn checkout svn+ssh://
  • edit file source_me.csh_example to set up important environment
  • If you use nomadlite as it is - it will not compile. You need to do the following steps:
    • copy $(RootNOMAD)/v_dev/nomad_patches/dstaccess.h to $(NOMADLITE)/src/dst/v7r4/include
    • copy $(RootNOMAD)/v_dev/nomad_patches/dstgen.h to $(NOMADLITE)/src/dst/v7r4/include
    • edit $(NOMADLITE)/src/Rules/Nomad.versions to be sure that the dst version is v7r4


just type make


Currently there are two executables:

  • ./bin/dst2root - this exe reads the input from ListOfFiles.txt and converts it to to NomadEvent class structure (saved into out.file by default). This class requires an extra work as it saves now only two branches: DST header and DST EVS

It is always a good idea to develop in parallel a testing software in order to be sure that everything is working. For this purpose I wrote a macro/test_conversion.C which makes histos from converted file.

  • ./bin/tutorials - this exe shows how to read dst directly without converting it a new class. Now one could access any information stored on the DST from C++ and save the output to a special TTree (to be done yet). I will show in more details how one could access various information while Example1::Print1() is already informative enough.


It is difficult to impose cuts and criteria without being able to watch things by eyes. We are building a ROOT based GUI. Just a very first example of the NOMAD detector and Nomad event can be found here in this plot.

NomadRotated 28.05.2008.gif NomadwithEve 01.06.2008.gif

Current event viewer picture:

NomadEventViewer 25 10 2008.jpg