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OpNuage is a standalone NOMAD event generation program based package, adopted for the OPERA experiment.


OpNuage package is working as 32-bits code, so all necessary packages should be 32-bits compiled (in 64-bits OS use -m32 flag)

  • install CERNLIB library to the /cern/pro directory
  • install LHAPDF library to the /cern/lhapdf directory with supported and downloaded abkm (Alekhin) parton distributions functions. Also you can get already compiled lhapdf library
  • replace OpSim package and recompile it
  • download OpNuage.tar.gz file and execute commands:
#tar zxf OpNuage.tar.gz
#cd OpNuage/jobs
#source neginstall
#source setlhapdf
#cd ../
#cd jobs

Before compiling you may also need to modify Rules/Compile.defaults and jobs/setlhapdf scripts

Run the Program

#cd OpNuage/jobs
#source setlhapdf (one time per session)

Edit neg.datacard file


Convert ASCII beamfile to root format

Edit beamToRoot.C file for proper beamfile name and run

#root beamToRoot.C\(\"numucc.beamfile\"\)

Tracing events through detector material

New OpSim package has the following modification compared to the official:

  • particles are decayed with the help of Pythia package
  • "OPERA particles" have been removed
  • vertex filling procedure has been fixed
  • command line interpretation has been added

Compilation and running

#cd OpRelease_directory
#source setup.(c)sh
#cd v_op
#cd OpSim/v7r3/cmt
#cmt config
#source setup.(c)sh
#cd ../work

edit source_ME.csh file

#source source_ME.csh
#opsim -n <events to be processed> -F <first event number> -i <input file> -o <output file>



In case you have questions/comments/suggestions please do not hesitate to write us: