OpBrickFinder Installation 2.0

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Note: instead of v_op put the current OpRelease version

  #source setup.(c)sh
  #cd v_op
  #tar jxf OpBrickFinder_v2.tar.bz2
  #cd OpBrickFinder/v2/cmt
  #cmt config
  #source setup.(c)sh
  #cmt broadcast make 
  to compile all needed packages for the OpBrickFinder
  • after that you can make links for the easy work
  #ln -sf ../$OPBRICKFINDERCONFIG/brickFinder.exe .
  #ln -sf ../$OPBRICKFINDERCONFIG/eventViewer.exe .
  • copy BrickDataBase directory from opera:~/BMM/DetectorDump or operaws1:~/BrickFinder/data to $OPBRICKFINDERROOT/run/data directory
  • copy OPERA data files to the run/data/extraction directory (used by program as default data directory)
  • go to the run directory
  • now you are ready to run the program

Installation of your local execute directory

This can be applicable if OpBrickFinder package already installed in you computer with writing protection for the users. In this case you can work in your home directory

  • create a directory in your home directory, for example BrickFinder
  • copy the installation script local_opbf from OpRelease/v_op/OpBrickFinder/v2/scripts directory to BrickFinder directory
  • in this directory execute the command:
 #./local_opbf /path_to_oprelease/OpRelease v_op
  • once time per session in BrickFinder directory you should execute the command
 #source opbf_setup
  • now you are ready to run the program from your local directory