Oleg Samoylov at NOvA

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NOvA Near Detector Samoylov square.png

Position : deputy at NOvA-JINR group

  • Joined to NOvA at 2013, author

Working time :

  • 70% FTE (including all activities)
  • 70% ExFTE (including just experimental activities)

Main group activity : Detector simulation

Student supervision :

Current tasks and duties

  • Deputy at JINR
  • DetSim convener
  • Super ROC-liaison
  • Following nue CC / numu CC / ND Physics analyses

Tasks done

  • Supervising Lyudmila Kolupaeva master work on matter effect in the long baseline neutrino experiments (2017)
  • Supervising Vladimir Allakhverdian bachelor work on possibility to search for the pentaquarks and properties of strange particle production (2017)
  • Supervising Lyudmila Kolupaeva bachelor work on accelerator neutrino experiments sensitivities to neutrino oscillation analyses (2015)
  • Supervising Aleksandr Dolmatov work on proton simulation in NOvA (2015)
  • Supervising Roman Klokov bachelor work on QE selection and FEB-flashes studies (2015)
  • ROC-Dubna liaison (2015/2016)
  • ROC-Dubna operations and its startup to work for NOvA (with Nikolay Anfimov) (2015)
  • Adopting the NOvA-software for JINR cloud and GRID system (with Nikita Balashov and then also with Andrey Sheshukov) (2014/2017)
  • FEB Crosstalk measurement (with Nikolay Anfimov) (2014)
  • Helped collaboration with Oil-filling on Near Detector (2014)

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