NOvA Experiment

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NOvA In short
NOvA Graphic 14-0241-01.jpeg
Picture of the month Archive

NOvA Picture of July 2020.png

July-2020 ROC-Dubna is operational back now, by Alexander Antoshkin

NOvA Picture of June 2020.png

June-2020 Distribution of SN significance for the two-detector case. Sometimes Poissonian features make funny images, like this lion, by Andrey Sheshukov

NOvA Picture of May 2020.png

May-2020 Graph: GNA-models fit with NOvA fake data, by Anastasia Kalitkina

NOvA Picture of April 2020.png

April-2020 Upper limits on the magnetic monopole flux for light monopoles based on data with low gain APD, by Alexander Antoshkin

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