NOvA Experiment

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NOvA In short
NOvA Graphic 14-0241-01.jpeg
Picture of the month Archive

NOvA Picture of May1 2019.png May-2019 ROC-Dubna excursion by Alexander Antoshkin

NOvA Picture of May2 2019.png May-2019 Results presented at AYSS-2019 conference by Anastasia Kalitkina

NOvA Picture of June 2019.png June-2019 Efficiency vs. SN distance for various methods of detectors combination. Percents show the fraction of SN candidates in our galaxy, covered by the combined trigger. Last combination method - "Comb" is the best way to do it, where we set a weight to each detector, proportional to their sensitivity to SN signal. The picture by Andrey Sheshukov

NOvA Picture of July 2019.png July-2019 SN Betelgeuse neutrino signal simulation based on SND data . The picture by Maria Petropavlova

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