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Feedback from the lecturers

  • Juan Pedro Ochoa-Ricoux (Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile, Santiago, Chile)

This school is an extremely enjoyable and productive opportunity for students (and professors!) to get a comprehensive overview of the various areas of study within particle physics and astrophysics. I highly recommend it for students who are just starting their career, although even seasoned postdocs will greatly benefit from the week-long intensive physics learning experience by the beautiful shores of lake Baikal.

  • Carlos Herdeiro (Aveiro University, Aveiro, Portugal)

The school takes place in inspiring natural surroundings and has a genuine, friendly atmosphere. Students are very interested and hard working. Besides physics there were also stimulating talks on mathematics and biology (for non experts). Overall it was a really nice experience.

Feedback from the students

  • Viktoria Kungel (student, KIT, Karlsruhe, Germany)

Thank you very much for the very good organized, chilled and warm summer school. A perfect place to concentrate in an sympathic atmosphere with very competent guests to learn from. Doing state of the art physics and the amazing after work program was incredible good and remarkable. It was a pleasure to join this school and gather unforgetable experience. I will of course recommend my mates to join your school if possible. Also I hope these tradition will never end and not lose its professionalism.

  • Ákos Szölgyén and Gergely Máthé (students, Eotvos University, Budapest, Hungary)

We would like to thank Organizing Committee for making it possible for us to be the parts of the 16th Baikal Summer School! It absolutely was an unforgettable experience.

Both the scientific program and the friendly atmosphere were amazing, prominently useful, and provided us a great chance to get to know you, and other students. We also enjoyed the beautiful landscape of Lake Baikal, it is a wonderful place to visit!

We will make sure to tell our fellow Hungarian students about the fantastic experiences of the Summer School.