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Together with Irkutsk State University we organize and regularly held the Baikal School on Physics of Elementary Particles and AstroPhysics.

Topic The Baikal Summer School on Physics of Elementary Particles and Astrophysics is organized by Irkutsk State University and Joint Institute for Nuclear Research (Dubna). The main idea of the School is education of students and young researches to the recent aspects of particle physics and astrophysics. Teaching at the School is done by the leading experts in both theoretical and experimental physics. The School offers young physicists a wonderful opportunity to make contacts with their possible supervisors and choose a direction of their further studies.

Place The Baikal Summer School on Physics of Elementary Particles and Astrophysics is regularly held at a picturesque small village Bol'shie Koty on the Baikal lakeside. The place is a part of the Pribaikal'skij National Park.

Program The School program consists of advanced courses of lectures on physics of elementary particles and astrophysics (4-5 lectures on each topic). These courses are optionally accompanied by seminars, at which problems are done jointly by the lecturer and the students. Lectures on the Standard Model, including electroweak theory and QCD, neutrino physics, hadron spectroscopy, CP-violation make the first section of the program. The second section is devoted to Astrophysics, which includes such issues as cosmology, star evolution, cosmic rays, dark energy and dark matter. The official language of the school is English.

School's web-page

Current school 2019 at Astronu school webpage and at Indico webpage

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