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December 2006

Добро пожаловать на чашечку кофе!

У нас в отделе появился аппарат по приготовлению кофе. К дегустации приглашаются все желающие. При себе иметь кофе (в зёрнах) :) и что-нибудь сладкое.

OPERA paper is accepted to New Journal of Physics

First events from the CNGS neutrino beam detected in the OPERA experiment (NJP, 2006)

MacFLY paper is accepted to AstroParticle Journal

Our Paper on MacFLY fluorescence yield measurement is accepted to AstroParticle Journal. The arxiv version is available at

Definition of a Planet

Contemporary observations are changing our understanding of the Solar System, and it is important that our nomenclature for objects reflect our current understanding. This applies, in particular, to the designation "planets". The word "planet" originally described "wanderers" that were known only as moving lights in the sky. Recent discoveries force us to create a new definition, which we can make using currently available scientific information. (Here we are not concerned with the upper boundary between "planet" and "star".)

This news from IAU you can find at Astronet (in russian) and at IAU (original paper).

Выдвижение на должность научного сотрудника

28/12/2006 Выдвигается на должность: научного сотрудника - Артем Чуканов Поздравляем!!!

Празднуем Новый Год

28/12/2006 Празднуем Новый Год!!!