Alexander Antoshkin at NOvA

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Alexander Antoshkin.jpg

Position : researcher

  • joined to NOvA at 2015, collaborator since Nov. 2015, author

Working time :

  • 100% FTE (including all activities)
  • 100% ExFTE (including just experimental activities)

Main group activity : Detector operations, Exotics

Student supervision :

  • Alexander Petrushin -- NOvA test bench @JINR (Bachelor Thesis)
  • Alexander Petrushin -- Measurement of liquid scintillator response to high energy ionization (Master Thesis)
  • Darya Velikanova -- An approbation of methodology to measure scintillators' quenching factor for alpha particles in comparison with electrons and muons (Summer Student Program 2016 at JINR)

Tasks description

  • Electronics -> Test bench for measurements of the NOvA electronics at JINR
    • Measurements of signal time distribution and influence of one APD (Avalanche Photodiode) channel to others on one board
    • Comparison between two FEB operation modes (Oscope and DCS MP with 4 points)
  • Scintillator -> Test bench for measurements of the NOvA scintillator properties at JINR
    • Birks coefficient measurements for LAB-based and NOvA liquid scintillators
    • Measurement of Cherenkov component in Liquid Scintillators light outputs
    • kB evaluation using NIST tables (using average and integration methods for dE/dx calculation).
  • Slow Magnetic Monopole -> analysis of high and low gain data
    • Simulation and modeling of slow magnetic monopole and comparison between NOvA software simulation and test bench hardware modeling outputs
    • Scanning of NOvA readout chain behavior for different monopole betas (different initial signal width).
      • Long signals measurements on Electronic test stand.
  • ROC Dubna liaison
    • General management and support
  • NOvA night super-liaison
    • General management and support