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Program RunEvent represent an example of using EventViewer and OpBrickFinder libraries and allow you to write a program with the following functionalities:

Graphical user interface

* draw hits in electronic detector view
* draw reconstructed track directions
* draw track segments
* implement tabular with user defined buttons
* write event information in the screen
* event manipulations
* view zooming and shifting
* brick selection
* zooming to selected brick
* saving picture of event in interactive and batch modes

Event manager

* run given event
* run events from event list
* process all data files or path of them

Other functionality

* automatic loading brick map corresponding to loaded event
* reading configuration from command line and config file

This program depend on OpBrickFinder and OpListMaker programs. The package has been developed as a standard OPERA package (OpRelease).


Note: instead of v_op put the current OpRelease version

  • copy RunEvent.tar.bz2 to your OpRelease/v_op/ directory
  • go to the OpRelease directory and execute commands:
  #source setup.(c)sh
  #cd v_op
  #tar jxf RunEvent.tar.bz2
  #cd RunEvent/v1/cmt
  #cmt config
  #source setup.(c)sh
  • copy OPERA data files to the run/data/extraction directory (used by program as default data directory)
  • brick data base are using from the Brick Finder program data directory


  #runevent [-h] [-D] [-F #] [-n #] [-e <event number>] [-i <file name>] 
            [--elist <file name>] [--data <path>] [--list <file name>] 
            [--config <file name>] [--viewer [--batch]]
            [--buildBrickMap | --notBuildBrickMap] [-notBuildFilesList]

with the following comand line options:

-D  : Maximum print level
-e <eventNumber>  : Event number
-i <fileName>  : ROOT input file
-F #  : First event processed (default: first event in file)
-n #  : Number of events to be processed
--data <path>  : Path to data files directory (default: data/extractions)
--list <fileName>  : File list name (default: data/files_list.dat)
--elist <fileName>  : Brick list file name
--config <fileName> : Config file name (for the event viewer)
--buildBrickMap  : Rebuild map of brick
--notBuildBrickMap  : Do not buld map of brick
--notBuildFilesList : Do not build list of files
--viewer  : Run event viewer for the visualization
--batch  : Saving events pictures in batch mode
-h  : Print the help


  • RunEvent (17.03.2009)
  • Data files can be downloaded from operaws1:~/VetoTracks/data/extractions
  • Bricks map files can be downloaded from operaws1:~/BrickFinder/data/BrickDataBase


In case you have questions/comments/suggestions please do not hesitate to write us: