Proceedings of Baikal School 2012

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We collect here some useful information about preparation and status of Proceedings of Baikal School 2012. Please send your questions/comments to

Preparing your manuscript

Size of your paper

  • The size of a paper based on a lecture should not significantly exceed 20 pages (exceptions are possible. Please contact Editor-in-charge).
  • The size of a paper based on a talk should not exceed 5 pages (exceptions are possible. Please contact Editor-in-charge).

LaTeX style/template

  • Your paper should be prepared according to the rules of of PEPAN Letters. Please pay attention to the way the references should be described. Papers with references prepared not accordingly to PEPAN Letters style will be sent back to the authors for corrections.
  • We prepared a template which you should use for your manuscript. Please download the template from here (tgz archive). In the template you will find the following files:
    • author_main.tex. This is the main file. It contains header and includes the file "author.tex" with body of your paper. Please rename "author" to your surname. Edit this file accordingly.
    • author.tex. The body of your paper. Write your paper here. Please rename "author" to your surname.
    • author_spires_en.tex [author_spires_ru.tex - for papers written in Russian]. We publish tradionally the proceedings in SPIRES database as an individual pdf file. Please have a look the Proceedings for 2009 and 2010 years. Please edit this file accordingly and provide:
      • Your Name/Surname in Russian (if you know it) and in English
      • Area of your scientific interests
      • Good resolution photo of yourself
      • Short annotation of your article in English
      • Title of your paper in Russian (if you know it) and in English
      • Address of your institute


Please use UTF8 encoding if possible. If you will use another encoding please make an appropriate modifications in author_main.tex. Specifically, change the line


to your encoding.

May I use my own LaTeX command?

Please do not create your LaTeX commands/shortcuts etc.


The deadline for submitting your paper is November, 31 2012.

Communication with referees/Editors

Please send the prepared manuscript to All correspondence between you and the referees will be through this address. The Editors of this volume are: Dmitry Naumov and Alexander Vall. In case of problems please contact the Editor in charge Dmitry Naumov.