OpBrickFinder Release Notes Version 1.7

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Release notes till SVN revision 246


  • modifications in local copy installation script
  • saving results for real data in results/BF_Efficiency_Real.txt file
  • program is adopted to the new BMS data format that contains X and Y bricks position corrections. The new BMS data files should be installed instead of old. Tar file with this data is presented in our BrickFinder Web page. X and Y corrections at this moment is not used
  • BMSData class defined and initialized in EventRun class
  • migrating from TDataStore to TreeManager reading data
  • removing algoManager
  • adding possibility to make a list of MC files and read any MC files at one session
  • possibility to train a NN automatically has been added
  • NN weights have been upgraded (new)
  • new NN parameters have been added. If there are hits close to muon track in a wall, input parameter will be 1 or 0.5 (if hit is only in 1 projection) (new)
  • reorganization in running program: creating and deleting objects (EventRun, EventProcess) called one time per session. Init and finalize procedures called at the beginning and end of each file. Please take this into account if you will run a program for the list of files (new)
  • removing reading row status for BMM data. It is used only by the BMS team (new)
  • replacing fDataType variable by RunType class (new)
  • starting from this version please use only MC obtatined with OpRelease 3.0 (new)
  • create a script for automaticaly creation tar file with current program version. It copy files that are included in svn repository but with the local modifications. Use the following command line:
 scripts/createRelease.csh [ver]
  • input data format for scanned tracks is changed, instead of
 "key word" event brickId ...

you shoul write

 event "key word" brickId ...
  • bug fixes in BMSData class
  • bug fixing in the event navigation
  • fixing memory leak (new)
  • code cleaning (new)
  • removing obsolete code (new)

Brick Finder

  • tuning Tracing Method 2 for muon identification
  • restructurization in MuonTrack class
  • selecting muon track direction from all candidates as track, closest to mean direction (new)
  • increasing minimum number of hits for the muon track reconstruction to 7 (new)
  • cellular automation filtration has been moved to class CAFilter
  • cellular automation can remove single hits, single pairs and isolated clusters
  • procedure of removing of found MT hits from shower has been changed
  • a condition has been added that a hadron jet will not be reconstructed in a case of "small" shower
  • the SelectDigits procedure has been modified in order to select a first analysed wall nearly to a wall with the most energy deposition (among the first 5 walls)
  • the procedure of filling the CS histograms has been changed
  • small tuning of muon track finding
  • for found bricks coordinates of crossed muon track can be out of brick dimension (new)
  • in WallFinder class adding function to insert imaginary hits. In this case for the muon track with holes the imaginary hits are added, after wall finding its removed. In some cases it is improve the wall finding (new)
  • fixed serious bug related to transfer muon track parameters from MuonTrack class to EventProcess. Thanks to Torben Ferber for this indication (new)
  • changing in the brick probability estimation procedure (new):
  1) the sigma defined for each projection separately;
  2) brick probability given by multiplication of probabilities for wall, row and column;

Event Viewer

  • writing brick ID in status bar when the mouse cursor points to the brick
  • adding new class TTCSConnections for the TT to CS tools
  • creating new tab "Scan info" for the TT to CS tools
  • function that allow you select TT hits and fit their has been implemented. You can select hits in one or both projections, the results are printed in the "Info" tab. For track, selected only in one projection the results are not presize
  • moving draw RPC and HPT functions to EventUtils class
  • electronic detector hits filled directly to EventViewer (without using EventHits_t structure)
  • set colors for spectrometers
  • small improvement in the first event loading (new)
  • menu of hits type (raw, filtered, etc) set via SetHits function and defined by clients of EventViewer class (new)
  • adding possibility to make an event picture in batch mode. See program running options (new)
  • adding possibility to save picture in ps and pdf formats (new)
  • parameters for tracks that should be drawn are set directly from EventProcess to EventViewer. Clients of EventViewer class can define his own tracks, list of available tracks in EventViewer is updated automaticaly (new)
  • found vertex position and brick Id is set to EventProcess class via EventRun class (new)
  • set primary brick directly to EventViewer (new)
  • adding function to select brick by user (new)
  • changing style for scanned brick (new)
  • adding possibility to add and draw several tracks for one item name (new)
  • modification in DrawLine function (new)
  • muon track momentum measurenment from electronic detector is printed in eventViewer info frame (new)
  • muon track angle fitted parameters are printed in case of one projection reconstruction (new)
  • information about time event, found bricks and muon track parameters are set directly to EventViewer (new)
  • drawing Veto signals and Veto subdetector has been added (new)
  • bug fixing for Event zooming in the case of proportional coordinates view
  • fixing in event manipulation functions: shifting, proportional coordinates
  • correct bug for calculating number of matched hits by track
  • bug fixing for showing scanned tracks (new)
  • fixing bug with loading last event from file (new)
  • removing CA factor settings. Now it always equal to 3 (new)
  • removing proportional coordinate setting. Now detector always drawed in proportional coordinates (new)
  • redefining ranges for showing hits, wall, row and column numbers (new)
  • for filtered events hits now showed for both super modules (new)
  • possibility to select brick from file and zoom to it has been added (new).

To select brick, in event list file it is necessary to write:

      #event "brick" brickId

and set option "Zoom to selected brick" in main window. This option can activated also from config file:

      #zoom to selected brick
      EventViewer.ZoomToSelectedBrick   FALSE # "TRUE", "FALSE" (default)
  • possibility to select brick by clicking middle mouse button has been added (new)
  • adding possibility for the batch mode define event picture format (new)

In config file use the following string for settings:

     # set output picture format (for batch mode only): gif (default), ps, pdf
     EventViewer.PictureFormat         gif

Possible picture file formats - any formats, supported by ROOT.