OpBrickFinder Release Notes Version 1.6

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Release notes till SVN revision 150


  • adopted to the gcc-4.2 compiler
  • integration with the OpListMaker utilite from OpUtils directory
  • adoptation to OpRelease 2.2
  • adding configuration file for reading preset configuration
  • for the latest data files do the event time conversion from nanoseconds to seconds
  • time representation are given in UTC (to avoid difference in time for the same event in different time zones)
  • reorganization of using BMSData class
  • added corrections for the bricks position using BMS data (not well understood)
  • make some local paths to data files as global paths
  • changing in the names of data files
  • adding scripts directory with the local_opbf script. This script allow you to run BrickFinder program from your local directory, using preinstalled OpBrickFinder package in common place
  • EventManager class for events selection procedures has been added
  • possibility to process given list of events has been added. Format of this file can be found in the OpBrickFinder description page
  • searching event in all data files had been implemented. By default program will serch this event in data files from run/data/extraction directory
  • cleaning code
  • new command line options. For more help please run
 program -h

Brick Finder

  • output information about found bricks and coordinates of muon hits in CS now are writing to the run/results/brickInfo/ directory
  • take into account one side hits in TT with energy corrections
  • improvement in filtration algorithm
  • cleaning of single pairs of hits has been added to the Cellular Automaton
  • improvement in muon identification methods: Tracing method, Hough transform method
  • new implementation of Tracing method 2
  • calibration data (single exponent fit) added to estimate deposited energy
  • MC TT amplitude information analysis have been added
  • histograms of differences between found and predicted cs positions for muon track and hadron shower axis has been added
  • removing some histograms

Event Viewer

  • increasing speed of searching event in the file
  • various visaulization improvements
  • reorganization of buttons frame
  • errors for the muon track angle are written to the screen and stored to file
  • from command line you can specify the event number, this event will be loaded in the begining
  • the pictures are saved to the run/pictures directory. Adopted for the local running case
  • adding possibility to navigate events through all files or over the events list with the help of buttons "Prev" and "Next"
  • function that draws muon track segments (for the tracing method) has been added
  • status bar information about position of selected by mouse cursor hit or brick has been added
  • energy deposition showed by bar length
  • adding possibility to set primary interaction wall manually
  • adding possibility to draw detector in proportional coordinates
  • adding possibility to read and draw found vertex in the TT
  • possibility to show scanned track. All tracks can be showed at the same time or one by one
  • accentuation hits crossed by scanned tracks
  • introduce the option to hide brick finding info