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Utilite OpListMaker looks through all reco-files in a given folder and creates a list of the first and the last event numbers for each file. This library is used by the EventViewer program from OpBrickFinder package and helps one quickly to find a root file which contains an event with a given number. The package has been developed as a standard OPERA package (OpRelease).


Note: instead of v_op put the current OpRelease version

  • copy OpListMaker_v1.tar.bz2 to your OpRelease/v_op/OpUtils directory
  • go to the OpRelease directory and execute commands:
  #source setup.(c)sh
  #cd v_op/OpUtils
  #tar jxf OpListMaker_v1.tar.bz2
  #cd OpListMaker/v1r1/cmt
  #cmt config
  #source setup.(c)sh



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