How to run NUCLEON VMC Version 2.0

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Running from command line

At the momenta there available three running executables:

  • G4Sim (with Geant4 transportation)
  • G3Sim (with Geant3 transportation)
  • Sim (with both Geant4 OR Geant3 transportation)

We keep them for cross-checks in the next release we will leave only one: Sim Steps:

  • setup your environment (an example below)
source source_me_PRO.csh
  • configure your run with help of config files which can be found in config directory, or in one file. See an example config/Config
  • run
./bin/i686/Sim -b --config=default


./bin/i686/Sim -b --emin=100 --emax=1000 --events=10