How to run FedraVMC Version 1.6

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When you compile the code for the first time you will be asked to configure your environment for extra packages (Geant4, VMC, CLHEP, ROOT, VGM). At the end of configuration a script (for bash) or source_me.csh (tcsh, csh) will be created. Please do

source source_me.csh

to setup the environment properly.

Running from the root command line

  • Edit macros/test1.C (set up the number of events to generate and generator to use
appl->SetGenerator(TString name)
  • run root:
root[].x run_g4.C // to run with Geant4
root[].x run_g3.C // to run with Geant3 

By default a file "fedravmc.root" will be created. You could visualize the results of the simulation from a new root session:

root[].x testViewer.C("fedravmc.root")

A bar with buttons will appear. Please click buttons and learn the output.

  • It is possible to convert the obtained root files into fedra format (currently the format of "couples" is supported). This can be done as follows:
root[].x vmc2couples.C("fedra_vmc.root")

Click "Process All Entries". A directory VMC_to_fedra_couples will be created. Each event is stored in its subdirectory and could be processed by fedra reconstruction scripts.

  • It is possible to convert and run the FEDRA reconstruction code on the fly using the macro:
root[].x v2c.C