FedraVMC Release Notes Version 1.8

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  • Fixed bugs concerning Geant3 chain
  • Added generation of the primary vertex according to the density profile in the brick
  • Added scripts for autodocumentation stuff. Just run "make doc" from the top FedraVMC directory and you should get the html documentation for all classes!
  • Added histograms for tau decay properties
  • Modification in command line interpretation. For more help please run
   ./bin/VMCSim --help


  • Added macros get_Impact.C that draws muon track impact parameter
  • Added macros EffRec.C that draws muon track reconstruction efficency
  • Added macros align.C which makes "real" tracks, transports them within Geant4 (3), transform on the fly to Fedra base tracks, reconstructs with Fedra, and shows the histogram with alignment of emulsion plates


  • Added Scanning Condition parameters in "Setup Reconstruction" dialog window - so they can be changed in process.
  • Drawing of graphic window moved to the EEViewer class


  • Improvement in GUI
  • Added options for automatic event reconstruction
  • Reconstructed and simulated tracks can be seen in one plot
  • Function that save picture to the PS file has been added. Pictures are saved to the Visual directory
  • ZoomIn and ZoomOut button has been added
  • OpenGL mode for viewing reconstructed tracks and hits has been added