FedraVMC 1.7 GUI mode example

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  • The screenshot of the FedraVMC Application

FedraVMC GUI 0.jpg

  • Chosing "tracing previously generated vertex" does chose the primary vertex generated by OPERA F77 generator (by default with X=0,Y=0,Z=0 coordinates). The FedraVMC generates the vertex position according to the density profile in the brick, and then all the primary tracks are transported in the brick by Geant4 (or Geant3). On the picture one could see the tau lepton track (shown in black), the proton track (going to the left from the primary vertex). The tau lepton then decays into muon and two neutrinos.

FedraVMC GUI 1.jpg

  • This pictures displays the same event in base tracks on the second tab of the screen.

FedraVMC GUI 2.jpg

  • Another tab shows the event information (kinemetics, energy deposits etc)

FedraVMC GUI 3.jpg

  • Let us click on the "Reconstruct Event". The event will be immediately reconstructed by the Fedra algorithms. One can see that that the muon track is reconstructed while the proton and tau tracks are NOT reconstructed. The proton track is not reconstructed because it is too curved, while the tau track is too short (only two segmenets).

FedraVMC GUI 4.jpg

  • Let us now play with the reconstuction parameters. Say let us require the minimum number of segments to be two instead of three by default. Now the tau track IS reconstructed.

FedraVMC GUI 5.jpg

  • The screenshot of the FedraVMC Application

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  • The screenshot of the FedraVMC Application

FedraVMC GUI 7.jpg