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Program OpVetoTrack collect all muon tracks from reco-files and make a list of tracks crossed given brick. This program depend on OpBrickFinder and OpListMaker programs. The package has been developed as a standard OPERA package (OpRelease).


Note: instead of v_op put the current OpRelease version

  #source setup.(c)sh
  #cd v_op
  #tar jxf OpVetoTrack_v1.tar.bz2
  #cd OpVetoTrack/v1/cmt
  #cmt config
  #source setup.(c)sh
  • copy OPERA data files with cosmic run to the run/data/extraction directory (used by program as default data directory)
  • brick data base is using from the Brick Finder program data directory


  #./tracksInfo --brick <brickId> | --elist <fileName>
                [-h] [-D] [--data <path>] [--list <fileName>] 
                [--config <fileName>] [--sigma <value>] [--viewer [--batch]]
                [--buildBrickMap | --notBuildBrickMap]

with the following comand line options:

-D  : Maximum print level
--data <path>  : Path to data files directory (default: data/extractions)
--list <fileName>  : File list name (default: data/files_list.dat)
--brick <brickId>  : Brick number for processing
--elist <fileName>  : Brick list file name
--config <fileName> : Config file name (for the event viewer)
--sigma <value>  : Sigma for the tracks angle (default 0.5)
--buildBrickMap  : Rebuild map of brick
--notBuildBrickMap  : Do not buld map of brick
--viewer  : Run event viewer for the visualization
--batch  : Saving events pictures in batch mode
-h  : Print the help

Comments for the program running

  • At first time of run, program read all data files and create a root files with reconstructed muon track parameters. For 250 files it will take 8 hours. Next run is not need to process all files
  • Program automaticaly determine new data files and process only their
  • If you want to reprocess all files (reconstruction methods are changed, for example) remove files from the run/data/tracks/ directory
  • config file is the same as for the Brick Finder program and needed only for the visual inspection of found tracks
  • recommendations for the config file:
 EventViewer.DrawMuonTrack         FALSE
 EventViewer.DrawScanTracks        TRUE
 EventViewer.ZoomToSelectedBrick   TRUE
 EventViewer.BrickFinderInfo       TRUE
 EventViewer.ScannedTrackLength    7
  • Fitted muon track are drawed by blue line and has ID 1000. For the low momentum tracks the fitting procedure may do mistake, in this case you should manually select hits an refit their
  • With the command --brick <brickId> program search all tracks crossing brick brickId
  • Command --elist <fileName> allow you to process brick list from the file fileName . File format is the same as for the Event Viewer and also can has additional format:
 brickId slopeX slopeY
 where slopeX, slopeY - slopes for the scanned tracks to be compared with available data.
                        By default equal to 0
  • If slopes of scanned tracks were set for the given brick, then predicted tracks will be searched in the sigma angles range only (command --sigma <value> )
  • If --viewer command set then after processing Event Viewer will be launched for all events. With command --batch all pictures will be saved in batch mode to the run/pictures directory
  • results for the found muon tracks are saved to
 run/results/brick_brickId.txt for each brick in Event Viewer format
 run/results/events_ListName for the list of bricks from the ListName in Event Viewer format
 run/results/track_brick_brickId.txt for each brick in human format text file
 run/results/track_ListName for the list of bricks from the ListName in human format text file
  • Please do not pay attention to the fitted muon track parameters in Event Viewer, see only

run/results/track_* for tracks information



In case you have questions/comments/suggestions please do not hesitate to write us: