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Before getting in small village Bol'shie Koty to you it is necessary to reach an administrative centre of Irkutsk region of Irkutsk (wiki)

. Today Irkutsk is a large industrial and cultural center of Eastern Siberia with rich history which totals more than 300 years.

  Early in the development of Irkutsk was burg. It was established by cossacks with leadership Yakob Pokhabov in 1661. In 1686 Irkutsk has taken out a status of the city. It was possible because of the Irkutsk locality is opportune for commercial and industrial relations.
You can reach to Irkutsk by air or rail transportations. We kindly recommend to take an advantage of following Russian airlines: "Aeroflot", "S7 Airlines", "TransAero", "KrasAir", "Vladivostok Air", "Pulkovo", "Ural Airlines". On the page of the Irkutsk airport you will find more detailed information on served flights. The station "Irkutsk-Passenger" of the East-Siberian railway accepts trains from following basic directions: from the West Moscow - numbers of trains 2, 4, 6, 10, 20, 44, 340, 350, Chelyabinsk - 12, Volgograd - 46, Novosibirsk - 8, 78, Minsk - 64, Kharkov - 54, 134, from the East

Vladivostok - 1, 7, 53, 133, Ulan-Bator - 5, Chita - 11, 339, Beijing - 19, Khabarovsk - 43, Ulan-Ude - 45, 125, Nerungri - 77, Zabaykalsk - 321, Blagoveshensk - 349, Naushki - 363.

  Irkutsk has the developed system of a routing municipal transportation (the bus, a trolley bus, a tram) and a taxi. From the airport of city you can always reach the center by trolley bus N4, bus N20, fixed-route taxis N45,61. The route of bus N20 connects the airport and railway station, to city centre from which can reach on routes of tram N1,2, buses N16,20. At any time it is possible to take advantage of a taxi service.

koty  The Baikal Summer School is held at pictorial small village Bol'shie Koty on the Baikal lakeside in an open valley of the river Bol'shie Koty (other name r.Kotinka). In summer time the village has regularly water communication with Irkutsk. A travel on a route Irkutsk-B.Koty-Irkutsk is made organized for all participants of the School. You can find the additional information about the water communication on Baikal under this reference (unfortunately just in russian).   The place of the village belongs to the national russian park. There is a Museum of Baikal and an aquarium of the Biology Institute in the village. The Museum was established by professor Michael M.Kozhov. In the Museum it is presented more than 400 various exhibits, a rich collection of insects: bugs, butterflies, dragonflies. Also there is a constantly operating scientific station on the basis of which Irkutsk students pass a years practice there.
  Walking along coast of Baikal will open for you a fine view of the lake. You will get on a top of mountain called Scriper located in several kilometers from B.Koty. Before Scriper, near to coast in Senna fall it is possible to see the given up gold-bearing mines of Irkutsk merchant Patushinsky. Vertical mines with side drifts were kept. It is possible to go down into them. There are plenty of rock dumps in the valley of the river. Along the river-bed you can meet wooden gutters of gold miners. Gold was found not only in sand and pebbles of the river, but also in the lake. Pebbles was gotten from a bottom of the lake, using rafts in summertime, by ice-holes in the Winter.

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