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Page Scientific program
Scientific program of the School 2014
Page Agenda
Agenda of the School 2014
File Ivanov - presentation
Lectures by prof. I.Ivanov "Standard Model. Theory" (3 lectures)
File Boyko - presentation
Lectures by prof. I.Boyko "Standard Model. Experiment" (3 lectures)
File Bechtle - presentation
Lectures by prof. P.Bechtle "Particle Physics" (3 lectures)
File Bechtle - presentation 2
An additional lecture by prof. P.Bechtle "Aspects of Statistics"
File Smirnov - presentation
Lectures by prof. O.Smirnov "Review of Neutrino Physics" (3 lectures)
File Ludhova - presentation
Lectures by prof. L.Ludhova "Solar- and Geo-neutrinos" (2 lectures)
File Gorbunov - presentation
Lectures by prof. D.Gorbunov "Cosmology. Theory" (3 lectures)
File Burenin - presentation
Lectures by prof. R. Burenin "Cosmology. Experiment" (3 lectures)
File Kozhevnikov - presentation
Lecture by prof. A.Kozhevnikov "Graphene"
File Schlippe - presentation
Lecture by prof. W.Schlippe "The History of the W and Z Bosons"
File Stratan - presentation
Lecture by prof. G.Stratan "Galileo"
File Guskov - presentation
Lecture by prof. А.Guskov "Study of nucleon intrinsic structure"
File Ginzburg - presentation
Lecture by prof. I.Ginzburg "Opportunities to detect non-minimal electroweak symmetry breaking at colliders"
File Gladyshev - presentation
Lecture by prof. А.Gladyshev "Galileo"
Image Poster
Poster of the School 2014
Page Organizing committee
Organizing committee of the School 2014
Page Participants
Participants of the School 2014
Folder School 2014
School 2014 was held from 5 till 12 of july 2014
Page Introduction
The 14th international scientific Baikal Summer School on Physics of Elementary Particles and Astrophysics will be held from 5 till 12 of July 2014.