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Student presentations

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Student talks

July 14:
  • Gergely Dálya, "GLADE: A Galaxy Catalogue for Multi-Messenger Searches in the Advanced Gravitational-Wave Detector Era"
  • Andor Budai, "A statistical method to detect non-stationarities of gamma-ray burst jets"
  • Giovanni Ceribella, "Pulsars with the MAGIC Telescopes"
July 16:
  • Lisa Schlueter, "Study of Systematic Effects in the first data of the KATRIN Experiment"
  • Dmitry Voronin, "Neutrino propagator in medium and its spin properties"
  • Maksim Sorokovikov, "Charm production with QGSM and the prompt atmospheric neutrinos"
July 17:
  • Tatiana Marshalkina, "The latest results of Tunka-Rex experiment"
  • Daria Chernykh, "Towards combined reconstruction of air-showers at the Tunka astrophysical observatory"
  • Miguel Molero González, "Anisotropy in the Arrival Directions of Primary Cosmic Rays Measured with the Alpha Magnetic Spectrometer on the International Space Station"
July 19:
  • Andrew Miller, "Searching for a remnant of GW170817"
  • Rajnish Singh, "Distortion of the standard cosmology in R + R^2 theory"

All student talks are 15 min long + 5 min for questions.

Poster presentations

  • Georgy Bukov, Application of artificial neural networks for data analysis Tunka-Rex
  • Anastasiia Chekhovska, Stellar nucleosynthesis: experimental yields of the 112Sn(g,n)111Sn and 112Sn(g,p)111In reactions for p-nuclei production simulation
  • Natalia Kovyazina, Amplitude calibration of Tunka-Grande detectors
  • Serhii Liaskovets, Light Yield and Energy Scale studies for SoLid experiment
  • Rosa Mayta Palacios, Study of shower structure of UHECR with SD Telescope Array
  • Ulkhanym Nurtayeva, Explosive synthesis of ultra-magnetized nuclei
  • Olga Petrova, East-West asymmetry of cosmic ray muons in the Far Detector of NOvA
  • Oliver Ruiz Hernandez, Preliminary results of the detected events by the TUS
  • Yernar Tautaev, Registration of radio emission at Tien-Shan
  • Pavel Volchugov, Registration single muons by TAIGA-IACT
  • Askhat Zhumabayev, Research of cosmic rays by neutron monitor
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