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For ex# -- see PDF file of my lectures

ex#1: (page12)
can we add neutrino masses and mixings to SM without extending particle content of the SM?

ex#2: (page 36)
what other alternatives to the scale of new physics being large to have small deviation from SM observables?

ex#3: (page 38)
show that there is just one dim5 operator containing SM particles

ex#4: (page 38)
how \lambda^{ll} is related to \lambda^\nu and m^\nu ?

ex#5: (page 39)
check that mentioned DIM6 operators  are invariants

ex#6:(page 52) 
can proton decay if only baryon or only lepton number is violated?

ex#7: (page 55)
which SUSY particles can be at the GUT scale and which ones at the EW
scale to preserve gauge coupling unification?

ex#8: (page 79)
give example(s) illustrated  by Feynman diagrams  when low  DM relic density (large annihilation rate of DM)  is not correlated with the large DM  Direct detection rate

ex#9: (page 101)
using formulas in the previous pages show that for D=5 (minimal UED = MUED) gives  
Mf=10^15 GeV for 1/R = 1 TeV (i.e this model does not solve hierachy problem)

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