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Scientific program

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Scientific program of the School 2015


Section "Standard model"

  1. Igor Ivanov (IST, Lisbon, Portugal), "Standard Model. Theory" - 2 lectures
  2. Igor Boyko (JINR, Russia), "Standard Model. Experiment" -  lecture1, lecture 2

Section "Particle physics"

  1. Dmitry Naumov (JINR, Russia), "New frontiers in neutrino physics" - lecture 1,  lecture 2
  2. Aleksey Zhemchugov (JINR, Russia), "Particle physics" -  lecture 1, lecture 2
  3. Igor Ivanov (IST, Lisbon, Portugal), " Going beyond the Standard Model​: examples of bSM flavour models" - 2 lectures


Section "Cosmology and astrophysics"

  1. Boris Stern (INR, Russia), "Cosmology and astrophysics" - lecture 1, lecture 2
  2. Konstantin Postnov (MSU, Russia), "Black holes" - lecture 1, lecture 2
  3. Dieter H.H. Hoffmann (TUD, Germany), "Dark Matter. CAST expariment" - 3 lectures

  4. Christian Fruck (MPI, Germany), "Imaging Air Cherenkov Telescopes - Gamma-Ray astronomy with MAGIC and CTA: Astrophysical topics
      and Technical concepts" - lecture 1, lecture 2

  5. Leonid Kuzmichev (SINP MSU, Russia), "Gamma Ray Astronomy, The TAIGA experiment" -  lecture 1, lecture 2
  6. Yazev Sergey (AO ISU, Irkutsk, Russia) "400 hundred years of telescopic astronomy - from Galileo to our days" - 1 lecture (rus)


Section "Neutrino astronomy"

  1. Nikolay Budnev (ISU, Russia), "Neutrino Telescopes" -  2 lectures


Section "Data analysis"

  1. Igor Boyko (JINR, Russia), "Statistical data analysis" - 1 lecture
  2. Aleksey Zhemchugov (JINR, Russia) "GEANT4" - 1 lecture
  3. Mikhail Demichev (JINR, Russia) "GEANT4. Practice" -  lecture1, lecture 2


Section "Students' talks"


  1. Malenica Marko
  2. Katashevtseva Dariya
  3. Chernikh Daria
  4. Panteleeve Julia
  5. Cheveleva Anastasiya and Kopilova Kseniya
  6. Lenok Vladimir for collaboration Tunka-REX
  7. Kirilenko Pavel



  1. Kuznetsova Ekaterina   "Observing of gamma-ray bursts and solar flares in the "RELEC" experiment of the "VERNOV" satellite"
  2. Maksimov Ivan "Scintillator gamma-ray spectrometer for balloon experiment on hard radiation bursts from thunder-storms"
  3. Shishmarev Aleksey "Statistical properties of states in QED with unstable vacuum"
  4. Kullenberg Christopher Tomas "Coherent Rho Production in Neutral Current Neutrino Interactions in NOMAD"
  5. Korablev Denis "DarkSide-50 experiment: first results"
  6. Timofeeva Olga "Study of the level of total electron content disturbance in the middle-latitude and Arctic regions by GPS data"
  7. Treskov Konstantin "Neutrino oscillations in matter and possibility of study of decoherence in solar experiments"
  8. Mitrofanova Ekaterina "Evaluation of A-dependence of dimuon cross-section by pi-meson interaction with momentum equal 190 GeV/c with nuclear target in the COMPASS experiment"
  9. Shamakhov Fedor "Hadronic vacuum polarization contribution to g-2 of the muon in the nonlocal model"
  10. Morozova Anna "Sources of the atmospheric electron neutrinos"
  11. Pakhorukov Alexandr "Energy threshold evaluation for the optical station of Tunka-HiSCORE "
  12. Sobolev Ivan " Sgoldstino physics and lepton flavor-violating Higgs boson decays"
  13. Ivanov Aleksandr "Convergent perturbation theory for the lattice phy^4-model"
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