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Student reports on the School 2012

  1. Yegor Zenkevich (INR RAS, Moscow, Russia)

    • Constraining holographic technicolor models [PDF]
  1. Petr Satunin (INR RAS, Moscow, Russia)

    • On calculation of cross sections in Lorentz violating QED [PDF]
  1. Alexander Pimikov (JINR, Dubna, Russia)

    • Pion-photon transition form factor using light-cone sum rules [PDF]
  1. Alexandra Dobrynina (YaSU, Yaroslavl, Russia)

    • Electromagnetic properties of massive neutrino [PDF]
  1. Inar Timiryasov (INR RAS, Moscow, Russia)

    • B-physics in a model with large extra dimensions [PDF]
  1. Andrey Grinyuk (JINR, Dubna, Russia)

    • TUS optical system and trigger electronics symulation [PDF]
  1. Nils Haag (TUM, Munich, Germany)

    • Measurement of the antineutrino spectrum of U238 [PDF]
  1. Anna Tokareva (MSU, Moscow, Russia)

    • Reheating in Starobinsky model with conformal Higgs field: the spectrum of perturbations and Higgs mass range [PDF]
  1. Anton Saratov (INR RAS, Moscow, Russia)

    • Phantom Dark Energy in Scalar-Tensor Gravity [PDF]
  1. Mark Shirchenko (JINR, Dubna, Russia)

    • Neutrino experiments at the Kalinin NPP [PDF]
  1. Sergey Godunov (ITEP, Moscow, Russia)

    • Energy levels of a hydrogen-like atom in a superstrong magnetic field [PDF]
  1. Dmitry Kostyunin (ISU, Irkutsk, Russia)

    • The decays rho- -> eta pi- and tau- -> eta (eta') pi- nu in the NJL model [PDF]
  1. Alexey Shishmarev (IDSTU SB RAS, Irkutsk, Russia)

    • Lagrangian description of color spinning particle in external fermion field [PDF]
  1. Tobias Bode (TUM, Munich, Germany)

    • BEGe detector response to alpha-radiation near its p+ electrode [PDF]
  1. Olga Petrova (ISU, Irkutsk, Russia)

    • Impact of uncertainty in the nucleon axial mass on calculation of the number of quasielastic events in the Super-Kamiokande detector [PDF]
  1. Dmitry Taychenachev (ISU, Irkutsk, Russia)

    • Higher order corrections to the Grimus-Stockinger formula [PDF]
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