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Materials of the School 2010

File McLerran - presentation 3
Lectures by prof. L.McLerran "Quark gluon plasma" (lect 3 of 3)
File McLerran - presentation 4
Funny stories by prof. L.McLerran
File Mukhin - presentation
Report by K.Mukhin "Cold moderator complex for IBR-2 reactor"
Image Naumov
Prof. Vadim Naumov
File Pakhorukov - presentation
Report by A.Pakhorukov "Determination of the background on the particle registration in Baikal lake. Investigation of the light field and the vertical relaxation index"
File Patrin - presentation
Report by S.Patrin "Modeling the ionospheric radio channel in the research problems of dispersion of radio signals in the ionosphere"
File Pnev - presentation
Report by M.Pnev "Search for new neutral gauge boson Z' at the LHC"
Image Polyakov
Prof. Maxim Polyakov
Image Poster
Poster of the School 2010
File Proceedings 2010
File Rossiyskaya - presentation
Report by N.Rossiyskaya "Production of heavy (anti)hyperons in DIS at the COMPASS experiment"
File Samoylov - presentation
Report by O.Samoylov "A Precise measurement of Charm Dimuon Production from Neutrino Interactions in NOMAD"
File Sheshukov - presentation
Report by A.Sheshukov "Hadronic interactions background estimation for OPERA experiment"
File Shishmarev - presentation
Report by A.Shishmarev "Equations of motion for a classical color particle in external non-abelian fermionic and bosonic fields"
Image Shnir
Prof. Yakov Shnir
File Shnir - presentation
Lectures by prof. Ya.Shnir "Magnetic Monopoles" (2 lectures)
File Spillantini - presentation
Lecture by prof. P.Spillantini "Pamela results"
File Starikova - presentation
Report by S.Starikova "MASTER: Mobile Astronomical System of the TElescope - Robots"
Image Tasks 1
Tasks on School 2010 (sheet 1)
Image Tasks 2
Tasks on School 2010 (sheet 2)
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