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Materials of the School 2010

Image Naumov
Dmitry Naumov
Image Bagrov
Prof. Vladislav Bagrov
Image Bakulev
Prof. Alexander Bakulev
File Bakulev - presentation
Lecture by prof. A.Bakulev "The pion form factor in QCD: Perturbative and nonperturbative calculation"
Image Budnev
Prof. Nikolai Budnev
File Budnev - presentation
Lecture by prof. N.Budnev "Neutrino Baikal Telescope — current and future"
File D.Naumov - presentation
Lectures by prof. D.Naumov "Neutrino oscillations" (2 lectures)
File Edemskaya - presentation
Report by A.Edemskaya "Light quark fragmentations into the pions"
Image Ginzburg
Prof. Ilia Ginzburg
File Ginzburg - presentation
Lecture by prof. I.Ginzburg "Selected problems in classical electrodynamics"
Image Gladyshev
Prof. Alexey Gladyshev
File Gladyshev - presentation
Lecture by prof. A.Gladyshev "Beyond the standard model: phenomenology of SuperSymmetry"
File Gracheva - presentation
Report by E.Gracheva "New methods of data quality control for neutrino telescope ANTARES"
Image Ivanov
Prof. Igor Ivanov
File Ivanov - presentation 1
Lectures by prof. I.Ivanov "Perturbative QCD" (lect 1 of 2)
File Ivanov - presentation 2
Lectures by prof. I.Ivanov "Perturbative QCD" (lect 2 of 2)
File Kuzmichev - presentation
Lecture by prof. L.Kuzmichev "Very High Energy Cosmic Rays and Tunka array"
Image McLerran
Prof. Larry McLerran
File McLerran - presentation 1
Lectures by prof. L.McLerran "Quark gluon plasma" (lect 1 of 3)
File McLerran - presentation 2
Lectures by prof. L.McLerran "Quark gluon plasma" (lect 2 of 3)
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