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Scientific program

Scientific program of the School 2007

The topics to be discussed as part of the scientific program are the following

  • Standard Model of the particle physics
  • Electroweak theory and QCD
  • Spectroscopy of hadrons
  • CP-violation
  • Cosmology
  • Star evolution
  • Cosmic rays
  • Dark matter and dark energy

The school program will consist of lessons by leading specialists in both theoretical and experimental particle physics and astrophysics. Also it includes a little students reports.

The time it takes for speech

  50 minutes + 10 minutes to a discussion
15 minutes + 5 minutes to a discussion

Advisory committee

  • Prof., Dr. Samoil M.Bilenky (JINR, Dubna)
  • Prof., Dr. Luigi Di Lella (CERN, Geneva and Scuola Normale, Pisa)
  • Prof., Dr. Leslie Loris Camilleri (CERN, Geneva)
  • Prof., Dr. John Ellis (CERN, Geneva)
  • Prof., Dr. Alexander Kusenko (UCLA, California)
  • Prof., Dr. Alexander G.Olchevski (JINR, Dubna)
  • Prof., Dr., Member of the RAS Alexey N.Sissakian (JINR, Dubna)
  • Prof., Dr., Member of the RAS Dmitry V.Shirkov (JINR, Dubna)
  • Prof. Dr. Masahiro Teshima (MPI, Munich)
  • Prof., Dr. Maxim V.Polyakov (ITP,Bohum)

Organizing committee

  • Prof., Dr. Alexandr N.Vall (ISU, Irkutsk) - chairman
  • Dr. Dmitry V.Naumov (JINR, Dubna) - co-chairman
  • Prof., Dr. Alexandr E.Kaloshin (ISU, Irkutsk)
  • Prof., Dr. Sergey E.Korenblit (ISU, Irkutsk)
  • Prof., Dr. Sergey I.Sinegovsky (ISU, Irkutsk)
  • Prof., Dr. Mikhail G.Sapozhnikov (JINR, Dubna)
  • Oleg Samoylov (JINR, Dubna) - scientific secretary
  • Olga Soldatenko (ISU, Irkutsk) - secretary
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