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All student talks are 20 minutes long plus 5 minutes for questions.
14 July
Dorota Sokolowska, Dark Matter in the Three-Higgs Doublet Models
Neda Darvishi, Baryogenesis of the Universe in cSMCS Model plus Iso-Doublet Vector Quark
Arnab Chaudhuri, Phase Transition and the entropy release in the early universe
15 July
Maxim Sorokovikov, Prompt neutrino in QGS model
Olga Zabrodina, Oscillations of active and sterile neutrinos
Dmitry Voronin, Propagator neutrino in matter and its spin properties
16 July
Andreas Rappelt, A new halo independent approach for direct dark matter searches
Polina Dyadina, The post-Newtonian limit of hybrid f(R)-gravity
Johannes Herms, Antideuterons in cosmic rays - messengers from dark mater and primordial black holes
17 July, short morning session
Andrey Formozov, Jiangmen Underground Neutrino Observatory
18 July
Daria Chernykh, High energy cosmic ray investigation using combined analysis of Tunka-Grande and Tunka-Rex data
Pavel Bezyazykov, Improving the efficiency of Tunka-Rex detector
Sara Cerioli, Characterization of high quantum efficiency PMTs for direct Dark Matter search with the Sabre experiment
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