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Scientific program

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Scientific program of the School 2017

Lectures Topics

HEP theory

  1. Rui Santos (CFTC, University of Lisbon), The Standard Model and other stories (2 hours) - lecture1, lecture2

  2. Mikolaj Misiak (University of Warsaw), QCD and B-physics (3 hours) - lecture
  3. Avelino Vicente (IFIC, University of Valencia), Neutrino mass models (2 hours) - lecture1, lecture2, exercises
  4. Igor Ivanov (IST, Lisbon), Inert doublet model (1 hour) - lecture

  5. Alexander Kaloshin (ISU), Unstable particle in quantum field theory (1 hour) - lecture

HEP experiment

  1. Philip Bechtle (ATLAS Coll. and University of Bonn), Some Aspects of Statistics relevant for Physicists (2 hours) - lectures
  2. Elizaveta Shabalina (ATLAS Coll. and Univ. of Göttingen), Higgs and Top physics at LHC (2 hours) - lecture1, lecture2
  3. Dezso Horvath (CMS Coll. and Wigner Research Centre, Budapest), Search for New Physics with CMS at LHC (1 hour) - lecture
  4. Anton Poluektov (LHCb Coll. and Univ. of Warwick), Flavour physics at LHCb (1 hour) - lecture
  5. Sofia Andringa (SNO+ Coll. and LIP, University of Lisbon), Introduction to neutrino experiments (3 hours) - lecture1, lecture2, lecture3

Astrophysics, cosmology, and astroparticle physics

  1. Alejandro Ibarra (TUM, Munich), The hunt for particle dark matter (2 hours) - lecture

  2. Anna Franckowiak (IceCube Coll. and DESY Zeuthen), Neutrino Astronomy with IceCube (2 hours) - lectures
  3. Piera Ghia (Auger Coll. and IPN Orsay), Ultra-High Energy Cosmic Rays (2 hours) - lecture1, lecture2
  4. Valery Mitrofanov (LIGO Coll. and MSU), LIGO and the beginning of gravitational-wave astronomy (2 hours) - lecture1, lecture2
  5. Yulia Kazarina (TAIGA Coll. and ISU), TAIGA experiment: from cosmic ray to gamma-ray astronomy in the Tunka Valley (1 hour) - lecture

Telescope stargazing evenings

  • Pavel Nikiforov, Evgeniia Skaredneva

Students' talks

Poster session

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